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Northeast Futurity

The 2021 Northeast Holstein Futurity will be held on September 15 in conjunction with the 2021 Northeast Fall National Holstein Show at Eastern States Exposition on September.

Placings in the 2018 Northeast Holstein Futurity

1. $830 premium: Juniper Sid Chardonnay-ET (Sid), Juniper Holsteins, ME

2. $415 premium: Juniper Wish Come True-ET (Doorman), Brigeen Farm, ME 

3. $332 premium: Ho-Crawf Pretty In Plaid (Airlift), Shelby Crawford, ME

4. $249 premium: Ms Bianca Diamond Bling-ET (Diamondback), Brooke Clark, NH

5. $249 premium: Watch-Hill Goldchip Elsa-ET (Gold Chip), Scott Davenport & Perry Brook Dairy, CT


Placings in the 2017 Northeast Holstein Futurity

1. $843 Premium: CarpsView Armani Velvet-ET (Armani), Bethany & Seth Carpenter, VT 

2. $425 Premium: Po-Folks Sammy Shenanigans (Sammy), Heather Richardson, MA 

3. $345 Premium: Miss Creme Brulee (Atwood), Lindsey Clark, NH 

4. $243 Premium: Lylehaven CVT Lisa-ET (Corvette), Lindsey Clark, NH

6.$243 Premium: Harsbrook G Bethann 1206 (Geo), Harry West, MA

7. $243 Premium: Schilldale Advntg Rebecca (Advent), Hannah Schillawski, CT


Placings in the 2016 Pineland Futurity

1. Allyndale Shocking Lilac, Justine Allyn, CT

2. Arethusa Goldchip Abrea, Arethusa Farm, CT

3. G-M-C Aftershock Ready Set Go, Brooke Clark, NH

4. OCD Atwood Morgan-ET, Lindsey Clark, NH

5. Cedar-Rail Damn Fancy, Casey Wolf, CT

6. Watch-Hill Brady Sonia, Watch-Hill Holsteins, CT

7. Schilldale Acme Roxy, Hannah Schillawski, CT


Placings in the 2015 Pineland Futurity

1. Ernest-Anthony MS Tanya, Arethusa Farm, CT

2. G-M-C Attitude LA, Lindsey Clark, NH

3. Watch-Hill Sanchez Emma, Scott Davenport & Alan Shearer

4. Schilldale De Princess-RED, Lauren Schillawski, CT

5. Watch-hill Roseplex Maui, Scott Davenport & Alan Shearer

6. G-M-C Dundee Tulip, Brooke Clark, NH


Placings in the 2014 Pineland Futurity

1. Arethusa Sid Diamond, Arethusa Farm, CT

2. VT-Pond-View Atwood Lady-ET, Fairmont Farm, VT

3. Leachland Golden Mist, Brooke & Lindsey Clark, NH

4. Watch-Hill Tundel Sasha, Scott Davenport & Alan Shearer

5. Schilldale G Butterfinger-ET, Hanna Schillawski, CT

6. Schilldale Gold Bronwyn-ET, Lauren Schillawski, CT


Placings in the 2013 Pineland Futurity

1. Watch-Hill Starfire Eliza, Scott Davenport & Alan Shearer

2. Arbutusland Aspen Minnie, Martha Seifert, VT


Placings in the 2012 Pineland Futurity

1. Arethusa Sanchez Zena-ET, Arethusa Farm, CT

2. Arbutusland Sanchez Lonnie, Martha Seifert, VT

3. Rocklan Dundee Mattie, Watch-Hill Holsteins, CT

4. Schilldale R Candycane-Red, Hannah Schillawski, CT


Placings in the 2011 Pineland Futurity

1. Lylehaven Goldwyn Le-Lee-ET, Fairmont Farm, VT

2. Watch-Hill Advent Elaine, Watch Hill Holsteins, CT

3. Cedar-Rail BWML Hooray, Casey Wolf*, CT

None of the entered animals for the 2010 Pineland Futurity were shown.

Placings in the 2009 Pineland Futurity

1. Tiffany James Dainty, Schilldale/Tiffany Farms, CT, purse of $1,850

2. Arbutusland Ruben Ida, Martha Seifert, VT, purse of $1,500

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