New England States Holstein Association

Our association is comprised of Holstein breeders and enthusiasts throughout Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

We actively work to encourage and support the Holstein dairy industry through breed shows, farm tours and panel discussions, junior programs and activities, and publication of information about the breed and dairying in general. In addition, we offer and assistance and cooperation with youth organizations, governmental agencies and private groups interested in Holstein cattle and better dairying.

Officers and Staff
Vice President

James Strout, Sr.


772 West Ridge Rd.

Cornville, ME 04976

Mary Margaret Cole


87 Quaker Rd.

Pomfret, CT 06259


Melissa Griffin

Home: 413-489-3259 

65 Ashfield Rd

Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

Dan LaCoss


1620 Witherspoon Rd.

East Ryegate, VT 05042

Treasurer Dan LaCoss, Vice President Mary Margaret Cole, President Jim Strout Sr., Secretary Melissa Griffin

Executive Manager

Linda Haggarty


234 Bayley Hazen Drive,

Wells River, VT 05081


Bonnie Burr, CT/RI

Arnold Nieminen, CT/RI

Natalie Sneller, ME

Peter Waterman, ME

Heather Gregoire, MA

Scott DeBlois, NH

Nate Robertson, NH

Seth Carpenter, VT

Martha Seifert, VT

Holstein Field Representatives

Rep. for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Toni Jacque - Customer Information Specialist, Holstein USA


Rep. for Maine

Bridget Cummings - Identification Services Manager, Holstein USA


Rep. for New Hampshire

Jenna Bisnett- Customer Service Manager, Holstein USA


Rep. for Vermont

Darin Johnson - Identification Programs Manager, Holstein USA


News & Events

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