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Board and Committees

The Board of Directors is comprised of the New England President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, the five state presidents and five directors elected by each of the five member states.

President Mary Margaret Cole//

Vice President Nate Robertson//

Treasurer Dan LaCoss//

Secretary Melissa Griffin//

Executive Secretary Linda Haggarty//

Immediate Past President Jim Strout, Sr.//

Connecticut/Rhode Island Directors

President: Arnold Nieminen//

Elected director: Bonnie Burr//

Maine Directors

President: Natalie Sneller//

Elected director: Peter Waterman//

Massachusetts Directors

President: Heather Richardson//

Elected director: Nicole Schwab//

New Hampshire Directors

President: Scott DeBlois//

Elected director:  Nate Robertson //

Vermont Directors

President: Seth Carpenter//

Elected director: Martha Seifert//


Executive Committee

President Mary Margaret Cole //

Vice President Nate Robertson//

Treasurer Dan 0LaCoss //

Secretary Melissa Griffin//

Executive Secretary Linda Haggarty //

Finance Committee

Chair Dan //

President Mary Margaret Cole//

Vice President Nate Robertson//

Executive Secretary Linda Haggarty//

Breed Promotion/Show Committee

Chair: Betsy Bullard//

Scott Davenport//

Bonnie Burr//

Arnold Nieminen//

Seth Carpenter//

Chris Kimball//

Elizabeth Hall//

Youth Committee

Chair Nicole Schwab//

Leanne Moon//

Kirsten Kruger//kekawb61@gmail

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