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Join the New England States Holstein Association

NOW, more than ever, it pays to belong to the New England States Holstein Association. Membership in both national Holstein USA and the New England Association means BENEFITS FOR YOU.

1. New England Members Save on Registration Fees

                            New England & National Member    National Member Only     

Under 3 months             $10.00     *you save $8                 $18.00                                    

3- 5 months                   $15.00     *you save $6                 $21.00                                    

6-11 months                  $25.00     *you save $10               $35.00                                    

12-23 months                $40.00     *you save $15               $55.00                                    

24+ months                   $55.00     *you save $25               $80.00                   

Registration savings can quickly cover the cost of your membership!

2. Breeders with both New England and National memberships are eligible for participation in the Holstein Complete Program.

Standard Services for Complete:

One National membership

         Registration of heifers less than three months of age*

         Internet Pedigrees (three generation) *

          TriStar Premier

         Choice of Sire Summaries™ or Red Book Plus/MultiMate™

         One Area Classification (in your COMPLETE enrollment year with the Classic, Standard or Limited option)*
*Up to the number of cows enrolled in the program.

* Registrations and PDF Internet Pedigrees are included up to the number of animals enrolled in COMPLETE. Regular fees apply for additional purchases.

Additionally, Holstein COMPLETE herds receive a 5% discount on all genomic tests ordered!

Additional Benefits under Holstein Complete:

•5% discount on all genomic tests ordered
• Regular registration fees reduced to $6 for heifers 3-5 months of age and to $14 for heifers 6-11 months of age
•$25 price cap on registration fees for females over 12 months of age
•Bull registration reduced to $6/bull if registered at less than 3 months of age
•Pedigrees at time of registration for $2

3.  New England breeders and ag-related businesses benefit from “Special Rate” pricing when advertising in the association’s Annual printed in Cowsmopolitan, the dairy publication leader with subscribers in over 55 countries.  All New England members receive a complimentary issue of the New England Annual.

4.  New England members have access to “at cost” printing and mailing services, as provided by the New England office, for reaching out to the total membership with special announcements, news and information.

5. New England members are eligible for Master Breeder and Outstanding Young Breeder recognition awards.

6. New England members have opportunities throughout the year to participate in local, state and regional meetings and events that focus on innovation in the industry and on the farm.

7. New England members can take pride in knowing that their membership strengthens the future of the Holstein industry through support of junior programs and activities.

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